We're on a mission to create a more personal economy.

We started Nomic to help the local businesses that are the economic engines of our cities. The closer we looked and the more people we spoke with, the clearer it became that we needed focus on the people behind these businesses.

We decided to build a platform for the people who make our cities tick: From barista to bartender, personal shopper to personal trainer, stylist to artist. People shaping culture and driving the economy at the street level.

Consider this: How do we connect with coworkers, regulars, and industry peers in the local economy? How do we find out about people doing amazing work and then actually get in touch with them? How do we give and get recognition for a job well done? Why are we still exchanging phone numbers and relying on email at work, when we have faster and funner ways to communicate with friends and family?

These are the questions we're tackling as we build a better way to communicate with our world and a more personal way to access our cities.

Our mission is to create a more personal economy. An economy in which we are more connected to one another. An economy that celebrates people who do great work, fosters meaningful relationships, and has a more level playing field.

Because people make the difference.