Nomic is a local job network, launching first in the Las Vegas food & drink industry.

We connect people with good jobs and businesses with good people. We think hiring should be easier, finding work should be less stressful, and the whole process should feel more personal.

We’re helping restaurants and bars in town with their hiring needs as we build our app. We plan to invite our first beta users in Feb 2015.

Our Purpose

We aim to make cities work better, build products that people love, and create a company where people love to work.

We started Nomic to help the local businesses that are vital to our cities and the health of our economy. The closer we looked and the more conversations we had, the clearer it became that we needed to focus on the people behind these businesses.

So, we decided to build a platform for the people who make our cities tick. We call it city software :)

Our Perspective


Cities attract people from all kinds of backgrounds. They are modern day melting pots, sparking innovation while broadening perspectives. Over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities and 75% of us will live in cities within 25 years. Cities are our future.

We are obsessed with figuring out how to make cities work better, starting with the human networks that power them.


Your online life should positively reinforce your real life. Technology should feel like it’s working for you, not the other way around. Too many social apps distract us without benefiting us.

Our definition of success: whenever you use something we've built, it's evident to you that we put a lot of thought into how to serve you best.


Every day, it seems like yet another industry is reinvented. Institutions we used to rely upon are fading, from the steady job to the public safety net to the extended family.

The good news is that more of us will get to be our own boss, whether that means starting a new band or a new business. And the best businesses will resemble the best bands: Tight-knit groups that riff, learn, and push the envelope faster and better than anyone else.

Our goal is to help individuals thrive in this new world, and supercharge organizations that value their people.